Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Focus on comments

There are so many Blogs on the web. And so many Blogs about how to be a better, more efficient, more professional Blogger. Blogs on how to make money Blogging.  Blogs on how to influence others by Blogging. Blogs on Blogs! Is there room for any more Bloggers? Well, yes there probably is, but it is getting harder to find a space. Maybe what is needed is not so many new bloggers, but more commenters. When I think about it, often Blogs are just a starting point. It can be a series of comments that enrich and expand the Blog. It can result in a really interesting dialogue on a topic that may lead in quite different directions to the original material. Comments can be interesting and exciting. Unfortunately, from my (admittedly limited) observation, the standard of comment is often not high, and often doesn’t add a whole lot to the original. I intend to work on posting quality comments and trying to learn how to best achieve this. I will report in due course on my progress, with comments that may help others think about their own commenting behaviour.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big picture history

This video, http://www.bighistoryproject.com/,  is worth watching as David Christian attempts to give a timeline of history from the big bang origin.

I am not sure if I agree with all his comments, but it does put really long term history into a context, and notes some key “tipping points” in the lead up to the existence of people.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t attempt to answer the question of “what was there before the big bang?” and why did this happen anyway? (if it did!). But within the parameters of history he has chosen it’s a well presented talk.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Blog

When I say that this is My Blog, that is not quite right. This is a Blog of stuff that doesn’t seem to quite fit into my other Blogs. My other Blogs are:

·         Psychological Impact of living with stage 4 cancer

·         Stuff I find interesting

·         Brightspots4u

·         Books

To get a list of other internet sites I contribute to go to:

So, what else is there? I am not entirely sure, but I often want to post a comment and feel it doesn’t quite fit into any of these categories. So where do I put it? Now it will go into My Blog. Obviously there will be overlap between what I say on various the various Blogs. Also, a comment I place in one Blog spot could have gone into another. The main thing is that when I want to say something, there is a place to put it – without having to worry a lot about whether it is in the “right place”.
I may place comments in here about other Blogs, videos, news items etc., rather than pace a comment on the actual item. Usually I will place a comment after a Blog etc., if the comment is providing feedback, following the theme of an existing comment stream, or asking a question relating to the item. Otherwise, I will place my comment in this Blog and link to the item.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog changes

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