Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Blog

When I say that this is My Blog, that is not quite right. This is a Blog of stuff that doesn’t seem to quite fit into my other Blogs. My other Blogs are:

·         Psychological Impact of living with stage 4 cancer

·         Stuff I find interesting

·         Brightspots4u

·         Books

To get a list of other internet sites I contribute to go to:

So, what else is there? I am not entirely sure, but I often want to post a comment and feel it doesn’t quite fit into any of these categories. So where do I put it? Now it will go into My Blog. Obviously there will be overlap between what I say on various the various Blogs. Also, a comment I place in one Blog spot could have gone into another. The main thing is that when I want to say something, there is a place to put it – without having to worry a lot about whether it is in the “right place”.
I may place comments in here about other Blogs, videos, news items etc., rather than pace a comment on the actual item. Usually I will place a comment after a Blog etc., if the comment is providing feedback, following the theme of an existing comment stream, or asking a question relating to the item. Otherwise, I will place my comment in this Blog and link to the item.

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