Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Focus on comments

There are so many Blogs on the web. And so many Blogs about how to be a better, more efficient, more professional Blogger. Blogs on how to make money Blogging.  Blogs on how to influence others by Blogging. Blogs on Blogs! Is there room for any more Bloggers? Well, yes there probably is, but it is getting harder to find a space. Maybe what is needed is not so many new bloggers, but more commenters. When I think about it, often Blogs are just a starting point. It can be a series of comments that enrich and expand the Blog. It can result in a really interesting dialogue on a topic that may lead in quite different directions to the original material. Comments can be interesting and exciting. Unfortunately, from my (admittedly limited) observation, the standard of comment is often not high, and often doesn’t add a whole lot to the original. I intend to work on posting quality comments and trying to learn how to best achieve this. I will report in due course on my progress, with comments that may help others think about their own commenting behaviour.

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